Genre Rap


Main verse

And sometimes you gotta let go
My nigga quit cattin'
Get ahead of schedule
Thinking when I’d stop
Nigga that’s when i hit the pedal
Can't give me what I deserve?
Look, I’ll never settle
Look I’m never gon' break
You could raise the stakes
I spent time outta space
I took my mind up out yo race
So I could run my own
And seen my visions in the stars
Started to miss my home
They tried bring my demons out
I’d rather be alone
Said fuck being modest nigga
I’m in zone
I almost lost my mind
But you crying on my phone
You know my bones made of stone
Ima always set the tone nigga
Clocked in
Watch me take flight
Like a drone nigga
Can’t get a miracle anticipating I’m wrong nigga
10 toes to the goal
Relentless till I’m gone
Fuck the pressure this my moment
Im livin' on
Smokin' trees daily
Yet I’m never losing sight
The world got dim
So I shine my soul bright
Envisioned a strobe light
So you can comprehend
I go hard on them niggas that wouldn’t count me in
Niggas hope i don't develop
Yet i'm maintaining afloat
Niggas ain't fuck wit my pockets
Yup i'm trained to go
I was raised as a profit
So you know what i'm chasing
Yup i'm building up my character
But my soul never changing

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