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Bring back the rec-rec

Luigi Y2K

What's up? I'm Luigi Y2K! And you're watching 'Vids 4 Teens'!
Thee only show for teens [laugh
And you're watching the video countdown!

Ariana Grande

What's up, it's Ariana Grande!

Luigi Y2K

We're gonna be counting down today's hottest artists!
Big names like The Weeknd, Mariah Carey, and my close friend.. Billie Eilish!

Taylor Swift

Hey guys! It's Taylor

Yo-yo, check this out!

{Rihanna, Christina Aguilera
This is Rihanna, this is Christina Aguilera

[Yeah! Woah!]

Katy Perry

Whats up! It's Katy Perry

Live! Bring back the recor-rec-record

Luigi Y2K

And so much more!!
The Little boy From home! Meghan Trainor, Miranda Cosgrove!
Stay tuned baby, because you're watching Vids 4 Teens!

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