Lucky Man Rag – Eric Bibb
Genre Pop

Lucky Man Rag

A lonely nickel in my pocket
Got a hole in my sock
There's a pebble in my shoe
At least it's not a rock
An' I'm glad - I got you
I got you

Got my arms to throw around ya
An' my charms to bring me luck
Might not have a lot of loot
But, hey, who gives a hoot -
I got you - honey, I got you

Now, papa, he's a gambler
An' mama minds the purse
Got a sister who's a dancer
An' my cousin drives a hearse
My brother, who's a deacon, used to be a gigolo
But everybody got to change
'Cause ya reap just what you sow -
An' I got you

Everybody on Fanin Street knows my song
I been playin' this Lucky Man's Rag so long

Well, they sent a Yankee down to see me
From the Victor company
Said, "I can make you famous"
But, sadly, we could not agree on my fee
Last week I got the urge
To splurge an' eat Chow Mein
Ya know my fortune cookie read:
"Someone's loss will be your gain"
An' it's true - 'cause I got you
Ah honey, I got you

Nearly every man in town
Tried their best to be your beau -
Huddie almost got ya -
But your mama told him "No!" -
An' I'm glad - oh, yeah - 'cause I got you
Honey, I got you -
Irene, I got you!

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