Lucki – Charli Bmore
Genre Rap

Charli Bmore


Charli Baltimore

“Is not a image”
[Nash Effect
“My intentions where never to be brought out as ‘oh Charli Baltimore’ Rapper/Super Model like, I can’t help how I look”


I'm truly tthe shit, of course i'm not new to this shit dummy
Promethazine Prince, ay, oh, ay


And my money right
And my truck a sport, [SRT's, Hellcats, all that dawg
Raw like Monday night
Gazi keep her spoiled
Think i'ma fund her life
My new bitch adore it
My old bitch abhor it
[Aye how want it? Staying down that shit really here]


Nah it ain't a straight, but the engine roar, [vroom Vroom Vroom
Ain't been out of state, [like aye catch up nigga
Brought my bitch on tour
Rich off Apple Music
High off purple fluid
No codeine no sleep
I keep dreamin' lucid
And my money right, oh, ay, ay


And my money right
And my truck a sport
Raw like Monday night
Raw like Monday night
[the fake, the real, for all]


My brothas get it just like me, I don't even say that just, I don't even say that just to make them feel good
It’s really over here on this side
Dash money EFG
Stick together like the group home but you knew that
Promethazine Prince

Charli Baltimore

“For the love of money definitely was not an anthem for me growing up, I watched a lot of things that, I was really happy about and enthused about fall apart you know what I’m saying?”

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