Loza – Suicide
Genre Pop


Well i've been waiting for a way out
But everything I do chains me down
And I know you're not the one to blame
But i've been losing for a while now

And the ace up my sleeve is suicide
Oh yeah
And i'm gonna say goodbye to my friends
As I leave them all behind

Listen up

I know it's not me and it's not you
Then why do I keep saying these things that I used to
But everything I hear is the same
That you said my name, that you shouted my name

When you were laying with another one
Why would you do that?
What a shame, oh baby what a shamе
And I can't fix that mistake that you made

You will nevеr feel the same again

We had a kid but I had to give him up
I didn't have the money to raise another sucker
Then you realized I was no use
And you left me for that motherfucker
And here I am baby wasting my time
Trying to be better than anyone but I'm
Just like my father
I'm just like my father and I will die by the bar

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