Low Technology – Sandmen
Genre Rap


Verse 1Iyosi Pydas

Testicular decapitation
Of the masculine maker
Competition more used as the state who fully raised us
Trans, pan, or genderfluid—labels are diluted
The stages disable logic—human race are convoluted
Peer reviewed articles in my arsenal
Bloody spew of the father role as the war unfolds
‘Tis the season to commit defensive treason
Abandon even, ignoring demands of reason
A candid hеathen
Ripping off the bandaged lеsion
Expand your breathing
Then backhand you for screaming
Who’s your daddy?
Anonymous to fool the savvy
Over 1% are done with dinner bruising gladly
There’s an outbreak
Outside it's compare your outtakes
Without bias [blue pill] the mouth rate
Or your mind state
Take a blind break
And lie awake
Become a witness to your dying day

Verse 2Greydon Square

Think about what the state could do
Think about the laws they create
Plus the leverage they claim
It ain’t made for you
See really they need you effeminate, submissive
Nonconfrontationally passive, predictive
Ignorance is half of the sickness
The other half is our willingness to pass the condition
To progeny
Awkwardly denoted as prophecy
Hoping not to go bankrupt in this game of monopoly—we flow beyond
This is a system ranked against you
A methodology meant to distract you from the issues
Apologies but this shit is so sloppily ran
Some of these men have given up any thought to be man—you can have it then
They’ll say it’s for your benefit, tell you check your savageness
Celebrate the feminine
Then denigrate the masculine
I thought we were seeking balances
Apparently not
You really just wanted the privilege to swap

Verse 3Scientifik

I tell the truth when the beat drop
Ignorance is a choice—at what point were we not?
Give excuses for mistakes that we make ourselves
Living in this imprisoned world then make you hate yourself
Give it enough time you probably hate yourself while they teach you to love wealth and muck up your health
Suddenly you catch on to your wife’s little mind games and learn that the blue pill ain’t good for your migraines
Yeah I know times change
‘Cause men were men and women never had to disrespect us in my day
So please by the my face
I’m in the back trying to make it to the top
I’m in need of a fire ‘scape
So most nights I just lie awake
Contemplating how I’m gonna change the contrast for a brighter day
Once you know better—ignorance is a choice
That’s why we put it on songs so you educated—have a voice

Verse 4Sai Phi

Feminized by the state and it’s on purpose
It hurts
As the human race and I’ll curse this
Hypergamous, troglodyte, trollop
The purpose is trite
Find knowledge
It lies in the mind of a hostage
Left behind… to take the bullet
Your out of your mind thinking that you can try… and pull it
I’ll call it… I’m higher, your smallish
I’m the sky from which your falling and I’m tired of the lies by design I’m simply taller
I can reach the highest shelf by myself, at least my collar
I’ll devour all the worlds in front of me with my power
I will tower over any fucking feat because I’m masculine
I’ll had to have had it when disasters are after him
It’s actually happening
Catastrophes are after me
But I think I’ll be hiding from the lightning when it strikes
I can see the future: All the men turn into mice
My advice to you is to pack up all your shit and leave tonight

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