Low Down & Dirty – Master P
Genre Rap

Low Down & Dirty

King George

Its the K the I the N to the G
Everybody in Richtown should know me
You know the motherfukcing pyscho
Better yet the nigga whos the cuttrought
Cops try to cage me, niggas try to fade me
Hunt hoe motherfucker really dont fade me
You know the deal im really really crazy everyday
I wear a damn daisyways
In the project labled as reject
Cops rolled trough to break a niggas neck
See shit like that just make me mad
Bitches wanna see me in the big black bag
Cause a nigga like me got big big balls
When I roll through your schoolyou better clear the halls
Cause I'm down for the jack play, better yet the crack pay
Im looking for your boy, he's holding me my back pay
I walk across a line cause my life isn't sturdy
In other words nigga I'm low down and dirty

Chillee Powdah

Creep out the window, get in the undercover pinto
My homies smoking endo dank but just think
Some nigga bout to come up short and get danked
The neighborhood hoodlum, jacked your jewls and then shanked
The difficult problem giving delivering a meat wagon
Shake em and gank em and bake em serve em like ass taggin
Pussy now wish you continue sucking I get em bitch
And im bout to get a nuts so shut the fuck up and suck this shit
Continue to mingle its nothing, nothing but nothing its coming
Sucking and sucking dont give a fuck cause the nuts running
Slibing and slibing and blowjobing like robyn, the ripper ripping
And slipping tongue tiping a zipping,my zipper slapin and jabbing
Come nabbing and having a cross straight up I didn't have to wait up
And I licked my balls, Master P my nigga squeeze the trigger on the po po's
Switch, I slam my ass in the ditch with the garbage and shit
Im untouchable nigga you can't hurt me, Im Chillee Powdah
And im low down and dirty

Master P

My life as a criminal, starting as a U
Cops said take out the trash I said fuck you
Then im gone gone and gone and ever since then, never even been home
Took to the streets like a car in the fast lane, robbed the dope house
Stole a ki of cocain, 36 ounces backed it up and on the run
Moved to the rich got eight for everyone
Living the life like a nigga that dont care, cops so petty ass
Jobers with welfare, im send money to moms each and every day
Now who the fuck said crime dont pay, im rolling hard with the top down
Daytons on the benz, a sucker run up, he get shot down
I lost my brother in the mix of a battle, murder in my eyes
So watch my get rattle, kill a motherfucker quick and say fuck the cops
Explicit lyrics cause I can't be stopped

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