PERL – Lovesick
Genre Pop


Every hour
Of every day
When I rise
And when I lay
You follow me

I'm lovesick
And lovelorn
I imagine you've noticed
But you said you try not to assume
So I've spelled out for you
Just to be sure

That I'm lovesick
And lovelorn
Though I try not to show it
I'm so painfully obvious
And I don't know which one hurts more
When we're near or we're far
But you've got a hold on me
Don't you see

I'm lovesick
And lovelorn
I don't care about who knows it anymore
Cause to keep this inside of me
Would not be right
Does that look in your eyes
Say you feel the same way

You know I'm lovesick
And lovelorn
Yes by now you must know this
And if you can relate to me
You know where I will be
I will be waiting for you
I'm so lovesick

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