Don't go
Don't go

Sometimes I close my eyes while I drive
Just so I can lean and swerve in the night
And if I might seem to recklessly die
I can see who cared to fill the air by my side

Don't go
Don't go
Stealing your face right away
From your head
An empty lit smile
Without these problems are dead
I feel the best without rest
I've been up for 3 days
Unless I'm sleeping from my days
And falling back in my ways
It's 2 am and I'm up
I crave a nicotine buzz
To lose my balance and rush myself
Back in these crushing ways

I set myself up for failure
I did it again
I feel so lost in my head
Just put a light in my hand

Somebody calling my name
Am I blessed
Am I so blessed

Or is that just my alarm
Am I stressed
Am I so stressed
Lovely crawling out from my rest
I think I slept in longer

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