Love Story – Azel

Love Story


Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm
Ooh, talk to me
Oh, mhm
Ooh, talk to me

Verse 1

I know, you been begging me to change lately
But when it comes to love that shit been feelin' strange, baby
Them other bitches had me down bad like a lame, baby
And ever since, yeah, that shit don't feel the same, baby
I know, I get a bit indecisive
But I wanna get control of this life so tell me, is you still riding?
You one of two women that I could ever confide in
Whenever you around I feel the whole vibe getting tightenеd
It's like I love her but wanna do mе at the same time
Wish we understand each other, we can exchange minds
If one us move on we committing the same crime
Wish it can all be so simple like a straight line
Fuck it
But that's life
Wasn't lyin' when I said you gonna be my wife
You the only thing that cross my mind during nights
And I could never lose my love not even during the fights
So am I all you need? Tell me it's true
I said I never been in love then came you
I see perfection in your imperfections, can't change you
But my mind in so many places I can't figure out what to do
I'm just confused
Best thing I had I could lose
Gotta make a decision, gotta choose
If another n**** ever step in my spot
You gonna see my black ass all on the news
Let me be your ex's stunt double, do everything he was scared to
Give you all the love that that n**** never dared to
We a perfect match like natural hair with the Cantu
Can't last with you gone even when a n**** can't stand you
Uh, even when a n**** can't stand you

Verse 2

Gave me 120k
Well that's what the heart worth
Can't give this shit up, see I put in too much hard work
A n**** tryna run, I gotta learn how to crawl first
Whenever that shit get bad, yeah, I know you finna call first
So can you bear with me?
Whenever I need you, can you promise you'll be there with me?
Can you promise you'll be there with me? Uh
A down chick is something I ain't used to
I don't mean to have you guessing like we watching Blue's Clues
Ain't no competition, baby, Imma always choose you
I might lose my soul if a n**** ever lose you
That big house we gonna get in
That white dress you gonna fit in
Watch how lavish we gon' be living
See it might just take minute
It take time
I wanna couple kids so can you make mine?
How you stuck in my head every damn late night
I said I love you, I love you
I get chills down my spine when a n**** just touch you
All I ask is for you try, that's all I want from you, uh
So I'm like B-A-B-Y, baby, please can you let me know that you in love with me?
I'm like B-A-B-Y, baby, please can you let me know you in love with me? Uh

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