Love Letters – Anthony Enos
Genre Rap

Love Letters

Misplaced misrepresented unintended intervention
Rewinding back in time to a place that was more Pleasant
Realizing that the lines had more meaning than expected and the fact you aren't here is the reason why I'm stressing
It's a blessing that I had it tryna reach it I can't grasp it it's attacking what I see and what I mean is I can't have it
An addiction with no written prescription I need to fix this I am missing every second that we shared in this commitment
I am driven I will makе it there's no way I'll let you takе it I'd be slamming on the breaks if breaking up was my quotation cause it ain't been quite the same, that's no reason to switch lanes familiar type of feeling but the distance still is vague
Playing on a field but this field has not been played I'm located far away in a place you cannot stay I'm mislaid and I honestly don't what more to say if you ever pulled the pin, I could not throw the grenade

[I'm not supposed to love you, but I do, I do] x2

It's a constant state of mind
Imagery sustaining rhyme
A moment where the clock
Should reverse the current time
An ocean where the waves
Meet the sand above the tide
And the pattern in the stars
Forms an image of your eyes
It's a ride I wanna take it's a world I wanna fake it's the dreams I have at night where I wish I was awake
Every time I turn my head I double take and see your face it's not the same out in this place without your voice saying my name
It's the words that I proclaim and the meaning they contain that are strong enough to get the saddest person to acclaim
It ain't strange that this change has my mind all disarranged it's the taming of the shrew but this shrew has not been tamed
It's a struggle everyday
I won't lie I even cried
I tried to run but Couldn't hide
You're just always on my mind
Got occupied up at that river
Wishing you were by my side
So when I walk past it at night I'll always wanna take a dive
I can't thrive in this place
It's your tongue that I can taste
It's your words that would erase
Everything I used to hate
Now I'm numbing all the pain
Stressing out going insane
Cause this pillow in my arms
That I squeeze is not the same
I love you
[I'm not supposed to love you
But I do
I do] 2x

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