Lou Siffer, the Howling Demons – Can't Slow Down
Genre Rock

Can't Slow Down

Going too fast down the road! Driving like crazy!
Cursing and screaming and honking the horn! Like someone was chasing me
A crying engine, steel against steel, trying to hold on to the steering wheel!
Panic and chaos all around. I’m just trying to survive!

I’m starting to believe
That this car will be the death of me

I can’t slow down
And I’m out of control
I can’t slow down
'Cause they glued the gas pedal, pedal to the floor!

They told me that I was stupid
And wasting too much time
Days and nights in the garage
Trying to fix this car of mine
They said it is a piece of shit and I should get rid of it
It’s hard to admit but as things have turned out
They might
Might have been right

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