Lostfate – Fourleafclover
Genre Pop


Feat. Lorian

Carve my name in a tree and let me rot to the ground
She hates the expousure thats what im feeling now
Got a pack full of things i wish i could let it out
And the rain turns to acid change her hair to brown

Been caught in a shell
They expect everything from everything from
I need to catch my breath
As i sit and i watch
Is there any feelings
I dont need it
Come and free me
Carve me into another shape
As the water forms its waves
Ill be there for you
Help you find your ways
Cuz thats the real me
No1 else more fake
Thats the real me
Done with the pain

Lorian lyrics
Im w lostfater nd i gotta survive
Is that all u got
Fucking up my life
Yeah she loves me
Is she really ur wife
Guess i gotta pull up nd
Bring myself a knife
Try me
Do u really wanna hide me
Been so long
Nd i gotta tell u something
Fucked my life before anybody got to me
Screaming out loud can u just dont fucking talk to him

Take a life to an end
Took a lie to a friend
I wish that we never meet
Me and myself

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