Loski – Daily Duppy
Genre Drill, Rap, Uk, Uk Drill, Uk Rap

Daily Duppy

Feat. GRM Daily

Part 1


Ayy, Mobz, that sounds wavey
Fired up
Clean it up [Ski, Ski]


Ayy, we all scream H and Ku, true
Mashford, slap them youts [Slap that
Let me show you how animals move, move
Headie with the golden boot [Boom
Bronem slap out, them man best tap out
None of us don't call truce [No
I heard their ting's chunky, we get dumpy
Fat like Majin Buu [Muh
And he's been bun, and he's been bun
So tell me, what's all this wass? [What's that?
Chop that down, it's way too long
We call it Chan Kardash [Sorry, babe
Baby, does your boyfriend know that you're still lovin' man? [Ha
And if I didn't go jail in '019
Then I woulda had a mil, that's facts
Kweff them, kweff them
Loski's never left his bredrin [Nope
When my bro got touched, I went on a mad ting, forget it
I'm Bigski, risky, get drenching
You ain't ever had shank fights like fencing [Nope
Doubt it highly, them man pretending
You ain't ever let that sing like WSTRN [Muh, muh
He can't hang, waps like Fekky, bu-bu-bang
I'm in the field like Anglo-Saxon
Rap, drill rap, last year a fan [Wait
Do jail, do home and the shit gets boring [Boring
In the cell and the money keeps calling [Calling
They all know that bass is enormous
Still confused 'cause shh
Moncler with Amiri drops
Dior tops, the gyal love that [Ah, man
I love TJ, A1, some steppers [Some steppers
Shouts 22, my goon, that's pepper [22
Know my man, his wash been bled out [Washed
Trying, they're fed up [Fed up
I don't know what's wrong with his legs
Some wheelchair youts in jail get pressure [Wheel it
Bare free smoke, can't fuck Sharni cah the girl might boast [Mm-mm
'016, used to jeet and toast
Then go back ends, see how big man flow [Back then
Me and A in O, had Chatham on ropes, of course it's sold [OT
Missed my Mum and she didn't know
Fuck it, manna just facetime hoes ['Nuff ones
I'm tryna better myself
He got bun, better better himself [Muh
Lost bro first time he took an L
I don't wear Gucci, it look better on girls [Girls
Bro came home and he went off the rails [Rails
With a whoosh, it's hell [Muh
Snow in '015, he probably took your pack, it was probably in Wells

Part 2


Clean it up
[Yo, on my mama, that shit hard
Live one, ayy


Got touched and no one stepped
Stress, lookin' at your friends all awkward [Jailbait
Got honeys on me, too gorgeous [Leng, leng
A Sav, ZK's enormous [Long
'013 when I first went country [Kway
Turn a pack to cash and skate [Run out
'014, they gave me a shotgun [Long
Take the dot-dot off lane [Off lane
'015, then I got locked [Locked
And they brought Harlem to the K [KK
'016, done it in Giuseppe ['16
'017, done it in BAPE ['17
'018, done it with Mashford
See risky, G got eight [Risky
Unknown driver too
See Ski, demon go cray [Cray
K-E-N-N-Y [Y
Reckless, Wellington times [Welington
I got hookers on me, no bulletproof weave, she pissed if they let that fly [Muh
Two cartridge burst and it melts, big man fuck up himself
I never had no high school beef, I was in that T tryna hit them cells
made Chan Kardash go back and everyone run like girls [Run off
Take that L but made it back, I must be talkin' bells
And he got ying, and he got ying, broski done up, what else? [What else?
They're fly like Peter Pan, I think someone's talking tales
Yard man ting, Popcaan and dem
Bare rap cap, track-track, they're gems
Autos, two litres and kwengs [Two-twos
Broski my ski-ski, no friends [No friends
My double S don't splash and brag it [Nope
If Ski say he done it then he done it
I hate gyal that's rude and butters
Got ****, screaming out


How can a gyal be dead and rude? [Dead one
Free bro, he's shamble youts [Free bro
Cool kicks on my Dior, new [Cool kicks
Four packs, tryna hear it boot
How can a gyal be dead and rude? [Dead one
Free bro, he's shamble youts [Free bro
Cool kicks on my Dior, new [Cool kicks
Four packs, tryna hear it boot [Boot]

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