Loser Intro – Stro
Genre Rap

Loser Intro


I mean I like-
I used to walk around school calling myself Lame-Boy Astro
[Laughs] You feel me? Like it was that serious
I- I don't know why but I would always tell myself I'm this lame to
Really, I guess just play safe
You know, like I wouldn't even go up to girls because I didn't want to take the chance of being embarrassed
[Laughs] You feel me? I would always just talk myself down
But, like now, everything has changed
Really though, as- as far as the show
To home, the FAM, and- and the tribe, and myself
I've won already
But in your eyes, I'm a loser
Yo, I ain't record a mixtape in so long, man
I don't even know what this is anymore, yo
I'll tell you one thing though


This ain't history in the making
'Cause I already made it
Lyrics gave the game a shade in when they thought that it was faded
Album material, I'm mixtaping 'em
If you don't already know, the name's Stro
Here we go, I came far!
I'm long distance smart
I went from living on the streets, from stealing candy bars
To being recognized so much that people stoppin' in they cars
In the middle of the street just to get a pic of me
I was that lame, raggedy kid that couldn't get girls
But now they showing me love in different parts of the world
Getting my stacks up, bar-by-bar
Who's the best emcee? Me by far, G
I'm lost in the moment
I look around expecting to see some competition
But I defeated my opponents
So even if they hated, they bound to notice
Like the accent of a Jamaican that's been in America for one day
Ha, dope
You should stand up and smile for me
Screw what YouTube think, call me, my mama proud of me
It's mixtape number five
And after this
You could tell the world that hip-hop's alive
I strive to be the best that I could
And succeed out of spite
Never felt like they predicted I would
This my life after X
And the crazy part that I see
I'm up off the show and they still talking 'bout me like-

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