Lonely Rich – Fuck It Up
Genre Rap

Fuck It Up

Verse 1

Fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up, aye
Who bitch I'm gon take today
Backwood ashes in the tray
Yo boy might just catch a case
If I keep playing with them Ks
Hollow tips rip through yo face
Shooters active, ain't no case
Flow too slick, straight off the brain
Aye, gotta get deep in this, aye
I came to beat the bitch, aye
Hop on a beat with this, aye
I gotta ruler clip
Save it for niggas who talkin shit
I told that nigga to save that shit
Stendo clips, not no bitch

Verse 2

All alone
Once again
And I'm fuckin' on yo friend
I done pulled up in a Bentley Coupe, I'm tryna get it in
If you talkin' hella tough then we might spin the block again
I been reppin' CMA it's on the chain like Giligan
A nigga got this shit on lock-top
Pull up in a drop top
Her body so hot, pop
Told her comе and hotbox
Then I beat the box up
Shе telling me to not stop
Her boyfriend wanna fight me so I'm creeping up the hot block
That shit get so critical, I might spend a couple bands
I might make you dizzy from the way these diamonds dance
Really been that nigga, hadda tell em once again
Don't you dare fuck with The Kidd, got 100 rounds all in my clip, its not no stick

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