IntroLondon Yellow & MrHeadA$$Trendy

Yeah [Yummy
Hey Khalil, hey Trendy [Hey London
Yo, y'all niggas-
No cap, y'all niggas kinda sexy, bro 
No homo though [Yeah
Like, I'm not gay or anything [Yeah

Verse 1London Yellow & Khalil?

I am sexy
I don't have chest hair, but I got breast meat
I'm not that kinky, but you should arrest me
[Yummy] Weffy one bar's teste
I can make you fall in love, better not test me
I'm so- I'm so lovely, hug your buddy
Kiss you on your knee, then rub your butt cheeks [Booty
I got a big butt too, don't worry
Got a small pee-pee, bust in a hurry
If I get a crush, then I'll try and it's cryin'
And married 'til my goddamn vision gets blurry
Then I go beat my meat on autistics only
But back to me, I'm thick and bony
Ultimate light skin, I don't do fighting
Imma fall in love right quick, I'm excited
I'm really pretty, but you look better [I love you
You're very moist, [Haha] but my drip cold sweater

Verse 2Khalil?

I'm sexy [Oh yeah
Over six foot, so you don't gotta worry [I'm tall
All of them girls, they together, they flurry
It's a light track, so do not make it dirty
I look too good, so I cannot focus [I am
Awesome rhyme scheme, but you ain't even notice
Make a girl mine when I say hocus pocus [Yuh
Imma take her and you won't even notice
Ooh, I walk in with a gram [Oh man
Shorty with me, and I got a twenty twin twin [That's two
Lookin' at my body figure, it's a perfect ten [Yuh, I'm sexy
Trendy, K and London, [Ooh] all the lights is here again, ooh [Yuh, yuh]

Verse 3London Yellow

I wanna take you on quests
I don't have money, but I have finesse
I would like to suck your breasts
No? Okay, I get it
You're really just playin' hard to get up in it [Maxo
And if you're not, that's none of my business
I'm not in peak fitness, but God is my witness
I'm comin' at bitches with loves and hugs and kisses
'Til somebody stop me and they're gettin' misses
'Cause we're gettin' married
Can't stop my love even if a nigga buried
How sexy am I? I'm sexy very
Let's fall in love, stop bein' so scary
Me and my niggas are very top sexies
Send me a titty pic, hey you should text me

Verse 4MrHeadA$$Trendy & London Yellow

Shit on my toes but I do love the bros
And that's only because we are cuties
Um, but we see each other one day on the block
Imma make sure to grab all the booties [Bro
Literally sexy, abs out flexing
Khalil and London and Trendy majestic
Bitch wanna train you, my number, don't text it
Don't eat my semen, my children dyslexic [All of my
All of my music gon' come out so hectic
My shit go dummy, you might need a medic
I put my dick in yo' bitch while yo' brother home
She send me nudes, I record with my other phone

Verse 5London Yellow

Mmm, I walked in the room, saw my canvas and pee-pee
Take the Nintendo, I caught it on 3D
Damn son, these three niggas are handsome
Kidnapped the three and your mom paid the ransom
I'm so pretty, matter of fact so beautiful
Don't even have to shave down my cuticles
I looked in the mirror and I kissed it too
On some no hetero, that's a handsome dude
Yeah, and you're sexy too

OutroLondon Yellow

Listen here, you sexy motherfucker, you're really finna get kissed on the lips

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