Lionel B – The Way It Used To Be
Genre Rap

The Way It Used To Be

Feat. Papa Duck

I remember back in the days Kangaroos and Troops
After church Sundays, barbecues and hoops
Everybody getting fly just to sit on the block
Seeing the neighborhood stars riding slow in the drops
Airbrush tshirts with the jeans to match
On every damn corner had some fiends to catch
Fun rec dances, where we tried to hit
In dem new outfits, swearin we was the shit
Summertime was all love, and we was hitting dem licks
Runnin from the police giving mama a fit
I swear the best days in life, whеn we was taking a trip, waiting on grandma to serve a nigga somе grits
Skippin school, wit da crew, getting drunk off yack
Smoking blunts back to back, eyes low in the ack
I reminisce on dem days, wishing I could Go back
To a much simple time, before they was murdering blacks

Make it like it was
The way it used to be
When we hung out in dem streets
Make it like it was
It was easier for me
I know we’re able
To make it like it was

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