Lio Rush – Flight 1560 (Extended)
Genre R&B

Flight 1560 (Extended)

Trips out to the big O to see if it's worth it
Only booked a one way flight ’cause I know that she's hurtin'
We always end up in the love, we misinterpret
She know she a diamond but I know that we not perfect
She used to hit my phone at night and some days while I’m working
She seen how hard I'm working but I know she want that Birkin
And I know she want that Bentley
I know that you don't like it when all these girls be acting friendly
Her love, I deserve it
I know that I won't settle for life without a purpose
I know you wanna finish up a set and close the curtains
I know that you're determined
I know you know for certain that I'm your only person
You know i like it when you throw it back like a German on some [? 1:02] shit
Calabasas in the summer seems so evident
The way you looked in that all

I know that I can't settle for life without a purpose

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