Link vs Cloud [Extended + Remastered] – The infinite source
Genre Rap

Link vs Cloud [Extended + Remastered]

Verse 1Link
It's the Champion of Hyrule
I know that you remember
I'll drain your life so quick
You'd think I work for Shinra
Through 10 generations
Because I'm multi-incarnate
You've summoned up your worst monster
I'll roast you up like Bahamut
I've got the Spirit of the Hero
That's something you would
Never know
I had your girl Tifa on her knees
And I let her blow
I'm working with a better flow
Got harder hits and nicer rhymes
And turn a Fantasy
Into a Nightmare
7 Times!

Verse 2Cloud

Last person talking trash
To Strife
Took a risk you can't afford
Slipped up and he lost his life
And fell upon my Buster Sword
I'm the Guardian of the Lifestream
And I'm turning up like a high beam
What kind of fairy are you?
I can't tell
Peter Pan?
Or Tinkerbell?
Coming at you like an
Raining down like a boulder
So think before you step up to a
No limit
Next time you see your Princess
No doubt she'll have a special glow
When you were on your last adventure
I rode Zelda like a Chocobo!

Verse 3Link

You dare to utter Zelda's name?
I crush you with my iron boot
I'll tie you to a magic tree
And beat you with my magic flute
And Ganon tried to take my girl
I killed him dead
And made her proud
And Zelda doesn't talk to bums

Interjection by Zelda

"'Yeah, so keep on dreaming, Cloud!"
I'm the biggest planetary threat
More dangerous than a meteor
When I battle, it's not turn based
I swing and use the blood to score
If you didn't feel ashamed before
Now you should be embarassed
This battle was sadder
Than when Sephiroth killed Aeris

Verse 4Cloud

I've reached my final Limit Break
I've leveled up to 99
I'll take your life in cold blood
Just call me Vincent Valentine

Interjection by Vincent

"Yo Cloud, It's time to finish this bitch!"
Well Vincent, I agree
I'll blow the whistle quick
On this pixie prick
Like a referee
I'll open up a fairy's heart
And send him to his maker
Rename his latest game:
The Death of the Wind Waker
I'm here to claim your last heart
I'll gouge it out and leave a gash
The last thing that you'll see
Upon this planet
Verse 5: Link

You'll hit me with an Omnislash?
I'll hit you with an Omniflow
A legendary brawler
And this Shinra bitch has got to go!
You thought you stood the slightest chance
But still I'm undefeated, son
I'll show a fucking clone
Why Link will always be number one

Verse 6Cloud

This S.O.L.D.I.E.R. is reloaded up
I'm coming back with extra heat
This elf is shaking in his boots
But it's too late for his retreat
I'm coming to the PS4
'Cuz Cloud will always be around
And when I'm finished with this bitch
He's gonna need a Phoenix Down

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