Lilsgrob, Young EGO – I'll Be Fine
Genre Rap

I'll Be Fine


I-I guess my question is
Do you-Do You think it's too late for me?
I mean a-a-a-a-am I just doomed to be the person that I am?
The-the person in that book?
I-It's not too late for me is it?
I-It's not too late, Diane I need you to tell me that it's not too late
I-I-I need you to tell me that I'm a good person
I know that I can be selfish, narcissistic, and self-destructive
But underneath all that deep down I'm a good person, and I need you to tell me that I'm good
Tell me please Diane tell me

Verse 1Young EGO

Imma be fine
Imma bе fine
I'm just a young man, with a game plan
You know CYNiC4L brody hе be my blessed fam
My bro SG will always be my right hand
Got the Glock cocked right up on my night stand
Fuck with them, I don't think that shit is safe now
Got one foot buried in the grave now
Both hand on my Glock so it's hard to pray now
It's hard to pray now
I've been tryna change, stuck up in my ways
My life is in a maze but it's okay cause I know I'm goin be just fine
Fucking with the team it's like pure suicide, yeah you know we down to ride
Lately been stressing I'm trapped up in my mind
Don't know what I'm doing constantly wasting time
Bottle emotions I keep em deep inside
I just channel my pain into these fucking rhymes
I'm tired of being sad and this constant stressing
Don't know where I'm heading I feel so misdirected
Gods always watching I just don't feel the blessings
And yeah I'm a sinner but I got good intentions
Life is amazing I'm tryna live it slow
Cherish the moments try not to lose control
Hard to live life when you start to lose your soul
Ain't about switching unless it's switching flows

ChorusYoung EGO & Lilsgrob

Imma be fine yeah
Imma be fine
Imma be fine yeah
Imma be fine
Imma be fine, too many times, you cross my mind yeah
Imma be fine yeah
[I need You]

Verse 2Young EGO

Nobody taught me on how to be a man
I figured this shit out I didn't need my dad
I started Blessed Sevens without a fucking plan
Just me and my brothers just tryna feed the fam
90's baby, blessed to be alive
Gotta thank god I woke up to see the light
Forgive me for my sins you know I'm tryna do right
These suicidal thoughts steady fucking with my mind
I'm not okay I said it too many times
All of these emotions you hear the pain in my rhymes
Tired of all the stressing and tired of al the lies
I just needed love and loyalty in my life

OutroYoung EGO & Lilsgrob

Imma be fine yeah
Imma be fine

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