Lil Yachty – Sexy Love
Genre Rap

Sexy Love

Lyrics from Snippet


[And this beat from Cash not from YouTube]


Look, this lil' bitch so sexy [Mmh
And I'm thinking 'bout her breasts, I just want her next to me [Yeah
I got 20 thousand dollars, I'm gon' throw it
Ain't gotta say that, she know I'm real, yeah, she know it [know
Sexy love, the things you do, I'm in love [I'm in love
Two white Bentleys on the e-way, look like dust [Prrr
Put her on a boat, now she bussin' [She be bussin'
Every time we finish fighting, we be fucking [We be fucking
We keep everything low-key, like Harriet ​Tubman [Harriеt Tubman
Spread your legs in the bеd, Jumpman, Jumpman [Bih
I'ma throw the like [?
Ridin' with them Jackboys, I ain't Travis [Brrt
Six figures, flexed up in my mattress [Yeah
And when you get drunk, that's when you nastiest [Yeah, yeah
Signing out my adjectives [Yeah, yeah
Blessed just like Nazareth, you're terrific
I need you, on the low [Yeah
Fuck that, I need you, on the high [Hmm
Fuck that, when I'm with you, I feel high [Yeah]

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