Lil Wesey – What It Has To Be
Genre Rap

What It Has To Be

I always rap with anger and every hater gets stranger
I always make these rhymes and I’m sick of all the crimes
What am I supposed to do when you know I’ve made it through
My raps will have to slash and you know I got this cash
You ain’t strong you won’t last long I’ll knock yo ass out and
You don’t even know what I’m about
So watch your mother fuckin mouth
Your really fake as hell and my fists will put you in a spell
I hate what you say to me and this is what it has to be

I'm sick of all these hoes it’s the fucking life I chose
They all brought me into this and I’m glad I fought right out of it
They always want attention and I’m sick of all this tension
I always try to grind for what’s really on my mind
I work hard on every song and I hope it’ll last long
I try to bе real and stay with the things that make mе heal
My friends are still the same and you’ll never get this fame
Your hating all the time you should be sick of every crime

Bruh why does this man wanna fight me
He should be scared of who I’m gonna be
Don’t act like I’m fine every hater crossed the line
When people talkin shit it makes me wanna throw a fit
I dare anyone to come near me I’ll make them fucking fear me

I got a lot of money so quit trying to be funny
Your a scared lil bunny
It’s like a demon who went in me and
It’s also cause I’m meant to be
Every hater acts so tough but he ain’t ever had it rough
Pull up and I’ll make you run you should know it won’t be fun
I’ll be Ready with a gun you should know I really won
If anyone try’s to fight me I’ll knock yo ass out like a light
Everyone knows that’s not a good sight and
They’re day won’t ever be bright

Quit acting like a fool we’ll all use you like a tool
They know not to mess with me and how angry they’ll make me be
They’d better stay away or they’ll never see another day
Everybody better know my history you’d better
Stop treating it like a mystery
So that’s my life I really hate to have strife
I always keep going like the talent that keeps me flowing

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