Lil Tecca – Can Compare*
Genre Rap

Can Compare*

Lyrics from Snippets


She like my best friend, how we texting
She sent me a message, I like her essence
We at the top now, I guess we destined
I guess I meant it when I said that I would get here
Real nigga, she know I'm real rare
Got the vibe and nobody can compare
Can compare, can compare...


...this music
But I was all in my head, I swear I was finna lose it
But I was all in my bed, tellin' everyone I'm okay
In the back of my head, voice sayin' I'ma be okay
, you gon' be great
Stop trippin' on what they say
You gon' be a king one day
One day, you gon' see one day
One day, you gon' see one day...

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