Lil Reese – Blick


Feat. JI300, Oj300

IntroLil Reese & Oj300

L-A-M-R-O-N, bitch
300 cross, you know I had to cross [300 shit man]


Verse 1Oj300


Verse 2Lil Reese

Do some' to us, we gon’ blick
Tweak like that, we up them sticks
Man, these niggas ain't on shit, they on the internet with that shit
Just pulled on the block, right crib, bro ask me do I got a lick
Heard you got jumped and shit, man, I don't know nothin’ about that shit
But man, them niggas ain't gon' do shit, ask that nigga, he got hit
In MIA, shootin' dice with a nigga but he had tricks
Hit me for like 50 bands, came right back and took my shit
Ain't even had to use the blick, niggas was sweet as shit
Stains and shit, bitch, we dangerous
Still with my same niggas, that's who I'm hangin' with
Put a tag on your head so don’t be dankling
Put a tag on his head so don’t be dankling


Verse 3Jl300


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