Lil Panadol – The Jazzclub Fiasco (Oh No)
Genre Rap

The Jazzclub Fiasco (Oh No)


Hey you, sitting at the table
I see you, sitting at the table
Bitch you don't like my scatting?
Well just stop yapping
And maybe listen up
Yeah, just listen up

Verse 1

I got a two by four in my pickup truck
Go to bed, get yo' mama to tuck you in
'Cos you actin' like a baby right now
That's right, a buffoon little baby bitch whiny boy
Get the hell out of my contemporary jazz club
You pretentious white boy


Now that dude's outta here
Who wanna hear me spit some bars?
Maybe I should do some jazz improv on my guitar
Let's do a poll, a show of hands if you must
[If you must, ok, ok?
Everyone for the bars say heyo
Everyone for the guitar say heyo
Looks like its a 50/50 split
So hеre's my ultimatum
Let's do the both at thе same time
At the same time


Time to rap about my woes
I'm like Spider-Man
I got too many foes
Green Goblin, more like anxiety
Doc Ock, more like TikTok
Venom, well actually Venom is a pretty accurate representation
Of the good and evil in all of us
But Rhino, my god he is like my heart
'Cos he breaking too many things all the time
Oh lord
I'm just glad I don't have a Vulture like thing in my life
Can't really think of an analogy right now
It doesn't really matter
'Cos this little bit is nearly over
Ya'll ever heard any jazz standards?
There's a little cool thing that's coming up
You ready? You might be able to recognise it
It's coming right about
That was the lick


I don't really know how to end the song
So I'm probably just gonna cut it off here

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