Lil Oddity – N0 Ba11$
Genre Rap

N0 Ba11$

Boi get back, you don’t know me at all
You acting like we besties, not even give me a call
On my cell, even though you had my number for a year
Tell me imma be nothing but a low life cowering in fear

But I’m here, ion care about you now, you weren’t there for me
Nobody needed me last year, but here i am, now I’m carefree
Don’t care about your thoughts, your opinion, how you smoking trees
Imma build myself up from the ground, working on my Chi

Oh you want a slice? Boi you never got me in thе kitchen
You just mad and desperatе for some cash, boi you trippin
Seeing red, getting mad but you ain't got a pot to piss in
I hit your phone last year, you wouldn’t even give my songs a listen

Don’t tell me that you want me in your crew now that I got my buck up
I was behind but now I’m up but you dont get to suck up
You thinking that you better than me but you just acting stuck up
You wanna get me on a feature, man you need to shut up
You don’t get nothing, I dont need you, you ain’t even get a “What up?”


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