Lil Neko – Starry Eyes (Interlude)
Genre Rap, Slowcore

Starry Eyes (Interlude)

Bridge 1

She has starry eyes
Something that I like
But I'm terrified
I can't see the signs

Verse 1

I always get lost in your eyes
Knew you the one but it just took some times
Got some scars hope they heal through some time
I really hope my love can suffice you tonight
Lay you to bed with your heart in the sky
I'll be right there I'm there right behind you tonight
I love it when I get lost in your eyes

Bridge 2

She was a dream in thе summer
She walked away with my drеam on my back and her shoulder
What the fuck would I owe her?
Let's do it tonight, ahhh

Verse 2

Baby I been feeling so toxic
Hate it when you hurt me but I love it
So tell me what's wrong with me
I don't know why I want to bleed
I got beauty in my eyes
When I look it you oh it feels right, tonight
So I hope you don't lie
Cause I love to get lost in your eyes

Verse 3

Fell in love with the touch of your skin
You the one, I dreamed of as a kid
But I also used to want to be dead
I still want to die tonight
But I want to die by your side
While I look in your eyes
Does it feel so right?

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