Lil Macks – Outside
Genre Rap, Unreleased


Verse 1]

I’m outside they know this, and I hopped in a whip it’s stolen
And I need me a milly I’m focused
So I threw that lean out the foreigner
You said you loved me, you lied
I think I heard that a million times
If i pull up then I’m making her mine
I did this shit with a million tries
Don’t jump in this ride
Spend the night with the guys
She really thought that I owned the whip, I’m really sorry I lied
Slim fits, she’s fine
And she sees me covered in ice
And I know she’ll stay for the night, I can tell by the look in her еyes


I got the key to a million
Lost my darg to thе streets, I feel it
I drop the top on the cause I’m different
Now I won’t fuck on the level I’m trippin’
Top floor suite with the freakiest bitches
Im tryna so fuck the prescriptions
Two years deep and they said I ain’t miss yet
VVS grillz in my mouth you gon’ miss this
You didn’t take my advice
When i told a nigga to freeze he did it

{-unreleased previewed at the end of ‘Barbados’ releasing feb 2023. lyrics to be updated once released-

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