Lil M – No Sensitivity
Genre Rap

No Sensitivity


512 Sh*t
[512 Sh*t 512 Sh*t
Yeah Aye !

{Verse 1}

Diamonds On Me B*tch I Know You See Em
These Not No Cz's They Real Gems
F*ck On A B*tch And I F*ck Her Friend
They Acrobatic I Made Them Bend
They See The Money Dead Presidents
Young Ni**a Counting Big Dividends
Young Ni**a Shining & Glistening
First Started Rapping Nobody Was Listening
Watch Your Positioning
Don't Try To Touch Me My Finger Is Sizzling
Stacking My Bread To The Ceiling Fan
Fly Though The A Like I'm Peter Pan
512 Texas My Wonderland
I Spent Some Racks But I Got Them Right Back
Calling Me Daddy But I'm Not Her Dad
God Damn Shе So Thick She So Bad
Hopped In His B*tch & Now He Mad
Nut On Hеr Face & I Hop In My Bag
Run Up The Money I Need All The Bands
Twerking I'm Putting My Hands On Her Ass

{Verse 2}

These Ni**as Fake
They Acting Not Real
Diamonds Gon Make That B*tch Faint
Calling Me Daddy Like That's My First Name
Playing This Game But We Aren't The Same
Always Gon Aim At A Pu**y That Claim
My Flame Will F*ck Up Your Frame
Young D.A. said "B*tch, Stay In Yo Lane"
Feel Like Its Raining Oh Wait That's My Chain
F*cking On Mary I'm Hitting On Jane
Louis V Belt Got Me Fly Like Plane
9mm Gon F*ck Up Yo Brain
Taking Yo B*tch & We Running A Train

{Verse 3}

Dripping, Dripping
I Need A Drain
Real Ass N*gga What I Became
You Thinking I'm Lil Cuz Its In My Name
But F*ck You Lil Ni**a I'm F*cking Your Main
Skyline OG Is The Name Of The Strain
Come Through & Buy What Remain
Broke Lil Ni**a I Cant Feel Your Pain
Run Up The Bands
Cuz I Need Some More Chains
I Need Some More Change


You Know I'm Never Gon Change
Pull Up With Sticks & The Bullets Exchange
Pull Up With Choppas My Ni**as Got Range
He Said He Want Smoke Lets Get It Arranged
Pu**y I'm Never Gon Change [x3]

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