Lil Loco – Lil Loco Interview
Genre Rap

Lil Loco Interview

What was your inspiration to start making music ?
My inspiration to start making music came from a artist by the name of Mr. Criminal

When did you start making music how old are you and where are you based ?
I started at the age of 16 years old born and raised from California I grew up in the city of paramount

What are 3 tips you have for upcoming artist that wanna get into music ?
My message to the upcoming artists is keep pushing no matter what how hard it gets an just keep grinding your till will come an out a lot of work to it an don’t let nobody tell you something is impossible
What is it about you that is different from other artist ?
I wanna help other upcoming artists to make it out as well and keep achieving many goals

What are your goals with being an artist ?
My goals for being an artist is to keep achieving my goals and keep grinding

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?
What I see myself in the next five years is being successful with my music and helping out other upcoming artists as well

How did you come up with your name ?
My name was given to me back in my high school days

What’s your message to the youth ?
My message to the youth is whatever you wanna do in life put your mind to it and don’t let no one tell you can’t do it
What are some challenges you’ve faced as an artist and how did you overcome them?

The challenge I faced as a artist was investing a lot into my music and for music videos as well taking my time with everything an I overcome them by working hard everyday with my music and being able to get shows and more collabs with other artists as well

What style would you consider your music to be ?
I consider my music to be the new generation of Chicano rap

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