Lil K.Z. Ise – Weird Person
Genre Rap

Weird Person

Lil K.Z. Ise - Verse

I always wonder what is wrong with me, I'm not being myself
I don't understand why I'm not normal, I feel weird, I don't understand, I really do need lots of help
Alot of people don't understand whatever I've been through
Alot of people really have to be rude
I feel weird, and I don't understand why do people have to bully me
I believe that I'm weird and that no one really loves me
I have anxiety recently, I hate it whenever people say that I'm not being myself
Whenever I express my emotions, I wish that there's a magic potion
I wish that I can get rid of how I feel inside
And me, Carlos Zamuria, I don't understand whenever can I go say hi
To everyone but instead, I have anxiety or else I will forever commit suicide
I feel recently that I have to get myself to hide, because if I go up to someone, then they would be sour like they're being themselves as they're being lime

Lil K.Z. Ise - Hook

I don't understand what am I feeling inside
I wish that I can go die and commit suicide
I'm not happy with how I feel with myself
I need to fix myself, if I can't by myself then I should go get help
I'm a weird person, no one understands what's it like to be me
Because everyday, I would bend down to my knees and go bleed
I wish that my friends can be there whenever I need them
If they're not there, then I guess I have nobody then

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