Lil K.Z. Ise – F.T.V.
Genre Rap


F.T.V. lyrics


Feel the vibe
Feel the vibe
Feel the vibe
Feel the vibe


I never thught that you never felt lov'd by a guy before
And I really going to say that you really deserve many thingz and alot more
Than anything that pp really tells you
And in this wurld, I kan tell that no one ever felt you
While I was in the hood, people thought I was guud
While people never believe in me, they would be leavin’ me
Whenever I tell you that I've got what I was b4
But then, now a days, their trying smoosh me like I am a s'more
But let me tell you girl, I was a gangster and I was a bangster for the hood
Because LA will be forever what I witness
And I’m going to talk about whatever people done for business
I've banged on wannabez whoever disrespect me and some set
Because we want to be fear'd, while Kali is the West
And I hope that you're not having any type of stress girl
I just hope that I can change your life from a mess girl
So let me have that vaginia and I will forever protekt you
From these wannabe Gz
That would forever be skar'd, please
I never really banged for a set in my life
But they told how to handle business like a knife
And that's when I'm here to protekt you
And I know what's it like that people never assept you
I just hope that you’re doing good girl
Now let’s get the touching starting girl
And I want to kiss you while you start to moan
And I hope that we kan get things turn on like we're dumb
Don’t worry what anyone else say
Bekause I'm here for you

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