Lil K.Z. Ise – A Letter To God
Genre Rap

A Letter To God

A Letter To God lyrics

Lil K.Z. Ise - Verse

Dear God

Thank you for being there since I was a tod
But I know that thing's been odd
It’s me, Carlos Zamuria who been praying to you to say thanks
Because alot of times, people plays tricks like life's about pranks
I want to say thanks God for giving me a future
And it makes me wiser and stronger, especially when experiences makes me mature
I want to say thank you God for giving me a mom that try to protect me
And I would never understand why don't things I want, my mom was never accepting
I grew up from being bullied and picked at
And I couldn’t makе music, don't know where to spit at
My mom try to protect mе from being a drug addict and getting in trouble by the law
And no one would understand how my life would be beaten like raw
I want to say thanks God for giving me a happy childhood
And if there's anything I could do, that's more often I should
I would give anything to you than the world, I would really would

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