Lil Eazzyy – Dont Play With It Freestyle
Genre Chicago Rap, Rap, Trap

Dont Play With It Freestyle

Dont Play With It Freestyle lyrics


Yea, real nigga
I don't need no pussy bitch [Don't play wit' me bitch
Sleezemoney, CEO
Uh uh
I don't need no, uh uh
I don't need other bitch, uh uh
Lets go, go


I jus' need a 40, matter a fact, I need a 4 [Glrrt
This ain't fo' the image, I ain't gotta post shit
I jus' need a bitch who I can call to get yo' folks hit [Yo' folks hit
And if she don't come spinnin' 'night, wit' me to get her throat hit [Cmere
Young and turn bitch but my bitch cannot be regular [At all
She ain't wanna go and pick up my load, then I stop textin' her [I stop textin' her
Certified trapper, y'all be fuckin' wit' the masters [Certified
The niggas that come tell me when they homie want some pressure [Bread winner
Speak on Leaky, then you dead nigga [Dead nigga
Boy don't let that gun get put to yo' head nigga [Fried
I grew up wit' trappers that wasn't fair nigga [For real
Hard to keep my cool without the mans nigga [Lets go
Soon as my brother call me, I'm on it, this shit emotional [I'm on my way
Popped another 10 on the E-way, I'm stayin' focused [Focused
She hate when I be high, sayin' bogus, show no emotion [No cap
I ain't goin', I ain't givin' no love to a thot [I ain't going
We can't have no bums in the spot [Bitch
Percussion, put a drum in a Glock [Blrrt
Niggas ass think he a thug but he not [He not
Boy I'm really slidin', put a slug in his top
I ain't thinkin' 'bout an opp that don't needa be up on this block
It's a hemi in this bitch [Skrr], I ain't thinkin' 'bout no cop [Skrr
Look lil' hoe, I'm really rich, I ain't thinkin' 'bout no bop
I'm too worried 'bout not signin' no Amiri's when it drop [Go
Coast to coast, I do the most, don't matter what, I gotta tow
I paid a G jus' for my note, the SRT feel like it float
You ain't wanna know what I spent up on a coat [Bitch
Drowin' in the club, I jus' made this bitch come drive the boat [Go
I jus' signed a deal to turn my folks up [Folks up
A lot of niggas can't say the same, go go swimmin' when they blow up
Sleezemoney finna be outside, put your hoe up [Put your hoe up
Silly nigga put your door up [Nigga]


Bitch, don't play wit' it, don't play wit' it, don't play wit' it, I stay wit' it nigga
Doubleback, got a K in here
Only trus' my stick and that I lay wit' it

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