Lil Buttermilk – Diss Track of (fatass) Bryce
Genre Rap

Diss Track of (fatass) Bryce

[Verse 1]

Bryce is really fat
But you already know that
That N*gga is whack
I cum on his back
I sucked on his dick
It look like a tic tac
I can't find his first neck
I call his mom over for some good sex
She pulled up and turned on Netflix
She said my dick so big like T-Rex
I fucked his mom with only my index

[Feature Intro]

I didn't wanna bring him out
Young N*gga

[Verse 2]

Lil Dingaling on the track
[yuh yuh yuh
His name is John Wick
He cums really quick
He likes to suck dick
He has a big clit
Bryce ain't got no clips
He always shoots bricks
He fucks like a bitch

Long Live Adolf
Coming for your daddy now

[Verse 3
For real he baldеr thana cancer patient
I can't evеn see because of his head
Then I gave him some dreads
He part of the feds
If I see him in the burbs I'mma aim for the head

Bryce ain't pushin P


We didn't have to do him like that

[Verse 4]

Now that n*gga is so gay
But we don't fucking hate
Reading the bible to get to the heaven gate
This n*gga pussy stank
Cash and the money at the motherfuckin bank
Just leveled up on CoD got a new fuckin rank

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