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September 15, 2023

LA Flow lyrics

Pull up on yo block wit like 4,5 guys they already know we gon slide be hearing them sounds I'm like what is that Ion know but I'm actin surprised they already know that I'm 48 run up we'll snatch yo chain leave him on the Block we don't bogang and also we don't do names I am a young dude ion got opps if you really wanna run up you get hit if you really wanna run up you get popped I am from the raq you better bag back run up then its gone be a wrap this is not that stop all the cap run up make him take a nap. Im from LDubb and HP they like to keep talking and running their mouth do they really think that it phase me I'm 4800 they know how I'm coming еvery opp see me they running boy wе ain't for nothing we keep all the hunnids and that's the end of discussion im 4800 y'all know that yall like to keep talking and thinking yall tough y'all gotta come and show that i'm 4800 they know how i'm coming ion even care about opps now I'm finna go its the end of the song just know i'll still make a lot

Lil Alijah – LA Flow

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