My life turned into a downward slope
One track mind not afraid to go
Because I know my demons carry me home
My demons carry me home
A sinners corpse will leave no stone
Jumping straight into the unknown
Not afraid to break my bones
My demons carry me home

Caught between heaven and hell
Tempted by death
I think I'm caught with that suicide spell
I got my head too deep in it

I will find my peace
There’s nothing you can do
I smile with my whole heart as I'm turning blue

Like thе flowers upon my grave
Peoplе who only knew me by name
Will sit like crows in the front row
While my demons carry me home
To the land of the lucky few
I don't know why it seems so scary to you
I don’t see what I got to lose
I'm already trapped in the noose

With full force and no remorse
Blood is flowing from my open pores
No hesitation to kill myself
Because I'm caught by the suicide spell
Suicide spell got me knocking on hell's door
I got a feeling I've been walking around here before
I don't know what i came for
Don't know if I can take it anymore

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