Liberation – Muze Sikk


What is your purpose ?
I do this on purpose
If I wasn’t writing verses I’d be worthless
Alotta people scratching at the surface
Tryna find that everlasting light inside of churches

Meanwhile a man sits silent with a gold mind
Meanwhile a bird flys while a crowd cries
Look for liberation in your mental space
I go mental on every instrumental break

You win win win win win
But the world don’t give a fuck
Too busy busy as fuck
Self loathings a Sikkness
Dial 515 for the remedy it’s alright

It’s alright
Its alright
Ya it’s alright

Improving while I’m moving
Stay elevated through hella hatred
Dеlegators delegating
Fеllas let’s get better ain’t this
Life more than whose side
You riding with
Those true lies
Blind spots for true light
And true vibes

Walking contradictions in conflict with popular images
And trendsetters talkative when mics on
A watered down narrative
A false profit staring in the lost conscience
Daring men to stop sloshing garishly

It’s funny how you MFs think I’m ever stopping
Biggest fan in the mirror
Biggest stan right here
Bigots stand for fear
Wicked land wicked gears
When these walls fall down
We will all be freer

Divide and conquer
I refuse to take a side except for
Free speech has turned to amnesty
Beg your pardon I’m pardoning nada partner
My conglomerate will startle em
And I ain’t even started umm
What’s next ?
Take 5 ?
Maybe if I was you
Too lazy to get my own so I try and
Take away yours from you
Three types of people
If you know it you know it
Imma be famous poet
So fuck you if you ain’t noticing

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