Let's Dance – Sweet Tee
Genre Rap

Let's Dance


As the turntables turn, the wheels burn
Pay attention, there's a lesson to learn
I'm about to get hype, so take a chance
What I want you to do now, is dance

Let's dance

Verse 1

Put the needle to my record, step back, and watch it go
You wanna hear if it's good? Huh, now you know
I want you to observe
The way I say every noun, every verb
I'm superb, word to Hurb
Bustin a rap while your feet tap
On time with my rhymes while my DJ rocks the scratch
I'm in the midst of a rappin blizz'
And you ain't never heard a girl rock the mic like this
Out of those seats, yo bee, you gotta dance for me
Scream and yell, cause the record's gonna sell, you see
So tell a friend, and a friend how hype it is
Never sour, gonna tell you how ripe it is
Get with the go, with the flow, with the action
Time after time I'ma come back maxin'
So just take this chance to get some ants in your pants
Under this circumstance, all you gotta do is dance


I know you got the feeling
Let's dance
Come on and get down

Verse 2

Sittin' in my room with a pen and a pad
Wouldn't say I was bored, well, just a tad
I wrote this rhyme to make you dance
Throw your hands up high and shake those pants
The needle won't jump, the system pumps
Make the baddest in the field feel like suckers and chumps
Never call my bluff, don't sleep, I get rough
You can tell I'm hard as hell with a feminine touch
Spreadin like a vine, and I'ma grow on, and flow on
And so on, and so on, and so on
Stompin' the world with marvellous hit after hit
Designed so you can dance to it
So get jumpin and pumpin, cause it's time to rejoice
Sweet Tee's on the mic, can't you tell by the sound of my voice?
Lettin you know one time in advance
You gotta get on the dancefloor and dance


Verse 3

Get up and dance, is what I intended
If you're still in your seat, I'll be offended
Here to set it off, so those who think I'm soft
When I enter the room - break north
Rampagin, upstagin when in rage
I'm like a beast breakin out of his cage
Cause it's time to rhyme, get mine, can't take a resign
New jacks, hit the back of the line
Now you knowm get up, dance, so my show
Can flow, come on, you know, let's go
Dance in sweat, breakdown to the beat and let me
Turn it out, so you can never forget me
Sweet Tee at the t-o-p
Most definitely, gettin paid, g after g
To enhance, party people, put you in a trance
What I want you to do for me now, is dance


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