Letoa – happy death note
Genre Rap

​happy death note





I keep my phone off when I'm drunk
I'm off the molly, off the
I want the smoke, she want the smoke
I finger fuck her 'til she numb
I'm off the xanny, off a bean
Our feelings
I don't give a fuck about a single thing, think I'm going crazy, yeah
I'm off the molly, I'm sleepy
I'm off the molly, I'm stupid
I fuck with Molly, she ruthless
Yeah, that's my hobby, I'm movin'
Like, woah
Bitch, I packed the boof, come to the stu'
Yuh, she love my 808s, I know it make her move
I make her move, I make her move
Love, oh, oh, oh
on my systеm, you know that shit make me think
I know that she just likе my, she gon' love it when it sing, yeah

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