Solomon Burke – Let Somebody Love Me
Genre Pop

Let Somebody Love Me

Cold on the streets, neon signs
People behind their blinds, peeping out at me
All they ever see is a fool in the dark
Alone in the park, all alone in the park

Sitting here with my heart in my hands
Trying hard to understand
Why am I alone on the outside looking in at the world of love
Please heaven above, let somebody love me

Who I am and where I'm heading
Without love I'm just hopelessly treading
Lost in the park, I cling to her
I refuse to give, I was afraid to live

Silver and gold, were my security
I dreamed of a soul all that was good for me
Well I cried in the hall and oh I tried
I can't make it heard, those four precious words
Let somebody love me, let somebody love me

I'll never cry about property
I'd be the richest man alive
For someone to love I know someone above loves me

Is it too much to ask
Is it to long to task
To send someone to love me
And who needs me too
She don't have to be a beauty queen
Just someone to, you know you know what I mean
Someone who I can live it on and all my dreams are gone
Let somebody somebody love me

Let em love even me

Got to have somebody to love me

Somebody to love me

Oh too, love that will see me through
Somebody not peeping behind their blinds
Someone who keeps me on their heart and in their mind
Somebody somebody somebody to love me

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