Let Go (of Time) – Angelo Soukno
Genre Rap

Let Go (of Time)


How we do it?
Funny thing look here [ha ha
Ain't nothing to it
Even with a plan they still going through it
Every time my name is spoken they screwing it up
That’s cool are we still linking up or what?

Verse 1

Trying to fight the high
I don’t know why
I mean I don’t know girl got alot on my mind
She like "you always when your head
That’s why you so dry"
And call me arrogant damn and I'm not surprised

I only like girls that can handle you
And you know I’m right
The real question is who high tonight?
I ain’t tryin too see nobody in here colliding out of spite
Im really trying to leave with something and then exit right

If it’s a just a blink and a stare
Sweetheart last time I check I’m not a lens but I care
For a photo since you walking like a walking logo
Oh yeah but what do I know tho
Go get ya own
I don't know, these days wondering who can I trust?
Deep fake they fake deep but you know I adjust
Niggas bleed insecure
Cause they all vain
Liquor plus sex is a bandage
Cause it’s all pain

Verse 2

These days people tip toe thoughts to you
Watch you mov e it’s a pleasure to see god live through you
Had a few on the roster I mean what can I say
Birds who tweet
Never saw the light of day

You in your girls looking like a version en vogue
Y’all clearly set the bar if the truth be told
You too in-style for just glamour
Plus if you hear that you’re beautiful all the time does it really matter?

Would you rather make statements or be discreet?
Turn your life into a quote for those you’ll never meet
You a breath of fresh air when you in the place
No "thotiana" at all
Don’t hold ya breath you’ll turn blue in the face
Men afraid to approach you cause you scrunched up in the face?
You looking bothered but it’s not the case
I admire the effort you put into ya waist
I never complain about time spent when it ain’t a waste?

Verse 3

I must admit it I’m really impressed by your manners
These days "micro transactions" the thing that matters
Feeding egos of men who need to quantify their love
Because attention wasn’t something the didn't get enough of but

I try to put my heart in things sometimes its walking dead
They’ll put their dick anything, even if it’s dead
Baby don’t trade ya soul for a check like the others did
And baby don’t ever take a problem baby to the bed/

But as I said before tho what do I know
I’m still moving through life tho wherever it goes
Yes am I still bless tho yes indeed


Aye am I still aye
Aye am I still aye
Aye am I still aye
What we goin do now?
Slow it down for ya…
If you alone right now
In ya car haha

Verse 4

I said bro need some time off
Want a shot of this shit with the light off
12 clocking every minute til you clock off
Muthafucka wanna blast get ya act off
That Shit is nothing

GAWT damn The reason I called
To be honest life is crazy well sort of
I never was unsure what it was tho
I love that shit
If we toxic, I Know!
Baby understand

Some nights
Feeling like you had enough
It’s the same
Whenever it comes to love yeah?
Walked off
Baby never looking back
In my head
Wondering where you at
Although a nigga hurting
You leaving ya apartment
I can hear you lurking
I can hear you lurking
I’ll buzz you in
When you coming?
Sorry I’m venting

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