Leontharchitect – DRAGON
Genre Rap


Verse 1

You dont wanna step up to me lil nigga rock yo shit harder then Bruce Lee you on stage middle fingers to tha fucking crowd yelling we don't give a fuck run up on me know I keep that damn AK tuck smack a nigga so hard he's gonna drop tha loot grab that shit and we ball sippin on some lean only shit I wear is supreme

Verse 2

Hittin it from the front break a bitch back cruising down the ally way all I smoke is crack outside theres some dead bodies in my fuckin shack the nigga flow gonna make the stage blow aye bitch open up the pit pistol whip niggas get em bloody lips niggas flip brass knuckles to the jaw fuck your bitch raw aye we thе brothers of the fucking catacombs come alonе this our home welcome to our fuckin dome bitch, yuh


Hear tha bass when I flow, ay ay
Droppin bodies to tha flo, ay ay
In tha pit you lose control,-dont be a bitch fist swangin break ya fuckin nose

Crucified nail me to tha cross before I take ya life, suicide you can't get to me because I'm takin mine, spreadin lies you can bend tha truth but then you realize, in your mind we don't believe you weve grown to fuckin wise

Take you through phases of slowly goin insane and then you start to feel like me and you relate to all my ways,-with all tha pain that's in my brain,- you think you feel like flow tha change, so deranged pistal bang,You and me we ain't tha same bitch

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