Le'mon Driver – What's Poppin' (Remix)
Genre Rap

What's Poppin' (Remix)

I take off like rockets
Who watching
I don't know
What the time is

Tryna get money
From every way
I will not hang
Because niggas fake

I make a new song
Like everyday
All of these bitches
Stay in my face

She taking off
I will not stop
Getting the money
I'm making deposit

I'm winning winning
I get it i got it
The haters are watching

They all in they feelings
You softer then cotton
I'm making this music
Don't care if I'm popping
Pockets stay empty
That's never a option
On a new level
I really unlocked it

I'ma stay focus
I always be locked in
Killing all beats
I don't hesitate

Choosing my route
Goin the money way
After i hit it
I don't wanna stay

Better not trip
You dont wanna play
Acting an ass

Call it role play
Hit and i pass
And she go away

Money come fast
I don't gotta wait
You can not see me
There's no competition
You bitching you tripping
Yo talent is missing
I'm pimping i'm pimping
I walk like i'm limping

I'm burning the beat
So fucking acidic
Not trusting you hoes
Fuck all you bitches

I'm kidding i'm kidding
Nah fuck all you bitches
I'm wit it i'm wit it
So fuck all you bitches

I Love this shit with a passion
They just wanna reaction
But i'm never reacting
Some of you better not Rapping

Murder the beats and it's tragic
I been Balling like magic
Beats get put in a casket
Like really what happened

I just spreaded the ashes
Like when i hit and smack it
Reason you hating i'm laughing
The party jumping it's cracking
Love this shit with a passion
Love this shit with a passion
Why you over reacting

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