Legendry – Phoenix on the Blade

Phoenix on the Blade

Deep within mount Golamira
In its stony black heart
Carven thousands of years ago
Engraved with darkest art

Esoteric incantations
Cultic symbolic odes
The way is shut from within
To the high priest roads

A snake in the throne room
Barbarian Rage
A shattered sword
With a phoenix on the blade

Old ones of the cult of set
Serpentine crypt entombed
Epimetrius, guard of the darkness
Scribe the phoenix of doom


Upon Cimmerian Sword
Carved the talisman
To kill demonic lord
The enemy of man


Treachery, brace for attack
Skull crushing blow
Sword shatters upon the helm
Hold the power unknown


Horror Shadow, reptilian scum
Evil in for the kill
Drive the blade to the hilt
Demonic blood will spill


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