Uncle Answers – Legacy
Genre Pop



[Like forreal though, what are you doin' this for?
[Like, ask yourself that]

Took a while to get here
Told her that it's take care
You can ask my momma
Been hustlin' since daycare
So I had a lotta time to get me all these haters
Talkin' God in every song because he showed me favor [Heh
But don't get it wrong, Tyrone could meet the maker
I'm a weirdo, studied cultures 'round the planet
Learned the еarnings and the balance servе a purpose not a man
I'mma work it in the famine, and I learned workin' from the ant
I'm the sickest motherfucker that you never seen before
I care about the final score, ain't' worry 'bout the leader board
What the fuck you smilin' for, start actin' like you been before
I'm just tryna live my life, watch all the seeds implant and grow
This some 'sich you probly read about
, constituents, them words will make you sleepy yeah
But I just made a million tradin' news up off the TV yeah
I put that shit on Youtube now the youth is tryna be me now
So, take notes and not granted
Stay woke and upstandin'
Buy hope and sell panic
That's a lesson in disguise so you might wanna rewind that
Sell it on the high, decay time, then I buy back
I'mma take it, this flagrant but taken
Take patience, I'm stalkin' and waitin, then trade this
Support it or hate it, I love your engagement
I come from the basement like Drake said
Started from the botton, how I get here? [Heh
Lots of risk management, I focus on the ten year
All that matter's what not when, just patience 'til it get here
I'mma do this 'til I'm dead, I hope I'm makin' this clear
Don't feel me, you should kill me
Otherwise pay me no mind
But if you wise pay me your time
I tried to fly and paid a fine
Do what you want, your life ain't mine
Ask my brother, ask my bitch
Everything thing I take my time
You tryna ride I'mma teach you how to move
When the only option lose
And the environment is fools
Let me inspire what to do
Give em some value speak the truth
The shit I'm speakin this ain't new
The way I speak I make it cool
I dumb it down I act a fool

I'mma kick this lesson and this won't encompass all of it
You only get one life to live, blow it then you dumb as shit
Money it start comin' in, make sure you pay the government
Just learn the game, do what they say, then teach you how to duck that shit
I'm talkin' S-Corps, L.L.C's
This a loophole, melody
Feel like I'm Palbo, Medellin
I get my people what they need
I told my God I had a dream
He like "For real you tellin' me you think it's comin that easy?"
Why you think I'm on my grind
I treat this life like it ain't mine
For that, been beaten and despised
I been seen, I been admired
I been angry all the time
I been tired, uninspired
But that's the devil he a lie [Hah]

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