Lee Scott – An Ear for Violence
Genre Rap

An Ear for Violence

An Ear for Violence lyrics

Verse 1

Hiding behind the hedge on the side of the Busway bridge
A couple of kids crouched down watching the drama
??? [De Lacy? The Lacey?] flats, walkway, a crying man
Two scally fellas and a frying pan
Multiple axe kicks to the head
The crying stopped
Jed[?] turned to me and said "shit is he dead"
No phones to bell anyone for help but
I could never say honestly we would if we did anyway
Something spooked them
They bailed off up the flats looking back
Shouting that they'll fucking shoot him if he says shit
A bird opens her door
Starts screaming at the man with his head split
Bleeding all over the floor
Like I told you before
That's what you get for messing with beeep
She helped him to his feet
They wobbled down the stairs to the street
To the only car in the car park
An old Austin Metro
She tried to pry his hand of the side of his head
He didn't wanna let go
She tried again as he was pulling his arm back
His ear peeled off and hit the bubbling tarmac
She picked it up like "what the fuck Mike[?]"
Told him not to doze off and then they drove off

Verse 2

This one man used to sleep in his car
With his son
Probably on a beach at the bar
In his dreams
With a pocket full of cash
In reality long hair bald spot and a tash
Front teeth missing with a creepy smile
The kids round the way used to say he was a...
Everyone was convinced with no evidence
The adults even joined in to destroy him

Eleven years old
Eleven at night
Minding my little brother watching wrestling
Heard someone banging on the neighbour's back door like "let me in!"
Ran upstairs to check
It was him
Standing in the neighbour's garden panicking
The door flung open
He told them someone's after him
Then he scrambled in
Two guys came galloping around the corner rambling
Out my bedroom window
Too late to duck, shit
He shouted up quick
"Where did that dirty prick go?"
I hesitated
They said it's okay kid don't worry
He won't harm you mate
So I pointed next door then he burst through the garden gate
Clocked him tryna escape out the front
They ran around the block and stopped him
I ran to the front bedroom to watch them
He ran the wrong way and got caught at the bottom of the street
One punch knocked him off his feet crying
With the last of his rotten teeth flying by him
"We know what you are so there's no point in lying
We ever see you again, you're dying"
He's on the floor screaming, bleeding
"What you on about?"
His head hit the fence post and it knocked him out
They threw a few more kicks to the face and the ribs
Beep poked their heads out like "you're waking the kids up
That's enough, look what you've done to him"
The biggest lad kept punching him
Pissed off cos his new Rockport boots have got blood on them
He crouched down, picked him up, and headbutted him
And then a voice down the street shouted "police"
The two lads stopped and ran off
The bizzies wasn't actually there but it worked
Everybody closed their doors
I kept watching
Somehow he managed to stand up
Touched his face with the back of his hand but
His fingers hanging off
Shocked in silence he slowly scrambled off
What was violence

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