Leaf Ward – Untold Truth
Genre Rap

Untold Truth


Ugh, ugh
Talk to em
Talk to em


Ummi told me never lie and never cry, ugh
Jah resting in peace, he ain’t never die, ugh
Them niggas had the drop on me, ain’t never slide, ugh
My dawg talk like he gangsta, ain’t never ride, ugh
The ones closest do the most, that’s why I’m beefing with my folks
My nigga Rell showed me the ropes, I see the truth in all the jokes
Plenty winters with no coats, I sold soap ain’t have coke
Nigga told, ain’t have hope
He overdosed from bad dope
Remember stealing from my queen, I damn near turned into a fiend
Whole time I was a rapper, but shit ain’t always what it seem
Never gave up on my dream, can’t a thing come in between
All these thirties in my system, talking bout I’m on my deen
Y’all call me every time it’s wreck, y’all need to show me more respect
Give my young a check, you gonna see him posted on your step
All the killers call collect, when we shoot they all connect
Everybody sliding, niggas ain’t put in a coffin yet
I give my praises to Allah, these bullets gonna get through to y’all
We did it but it’s new to y’all, they lying but it’s true to y’all
Tell the truth in all my raps, hollow tips in all my gats
We wish death on all the rats, I ran off with all my packs
Got a glizzy on me now, I let my niggas hold the pound
Gave my bitch the eight, I told them they rush in you put them down
Let them have it through the door, they put my niggas through the floor
Nina gonna hit everybody, when I slide I shoot a whore
And we really shoot the score, we just hope to ease the pain
We don’t got nothing to lose, but we got everything to gain
See my niggas switching up, I see my niggas bitching up
See niggas scared to take the risk, you niggas tryna get rich or what?
I miss when everything was cool, we was shooting going to school
I told my Ummi, I can't go to college, she said you a fool
A killer they said you the jewel, you testify, you knew the rules
He got comfortable. I know he heard that if you snooze you lose
They told me leave the streets alone, I really left the Ps alone
I’m in the car with killers talking to killers on speaker phone
Them niggas questioning my hand, I really slid without a xan
And I was really selling tan, still sticking to the plan
Lost my brother, we was beefing. I just wish that we was speaking
I can’t fuck with fast talkers if niggas ain’t Puerto Rican
Dad did 15 years and he ain’t never shed a tear
Came home getting money, I just coach him on his gear
See the coppers in the rear, I got a chopper in the spear
Big ass rifle out the window like we chopping at a deer
I put Muji on a track, my niggas lose me when they rat
This money got me feeling Big like I got Coogi on my back
We fell victim to the trench, that hating shit I'm just against
We all came up in the yard, but niggas hopped over the fence
And now we in the danger zone, why you leave ya banger home?
My brother got my back, I got my gat them days I ain’t alone

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