Lbl zar – Mon$ter
Genre Rap



Mon$ter - lbl zar [ ft. TTB Mulaa ] [lyrics]

{intro : TTB Mulaa}

Uh, yea, yea, uh
This a different type beat but i’m still gon’ fuck it up, you feel me
Yea, yea, yea, yea

{chorus : TTB Mulaa}

These niggas is bitches, i come with extendos
Wanna try me ? get popped like a mento
Get filled up with lead like a muhfuckin’ pencil
Play on your bitch like i’m playing Nintendo
These niggas bitches, they ain’t steppin’ for real
Out on the road i’m clutching my steal
Just find me an opp, i’m going for the kill
That nigga pussy, he ain’t be on a drill

{vеrse 1 : TTB Mulaa}

Tell me lil’ nigga, do you wanna losе your life ?
Roll me a blunt, i’m high as a kite
Pour me some Wok in this muhfuckin’ Sprite
Pop me a perc’, we fuckin’ all night
Why that boy dip like some muhfuckin’ salsa
Try to rob me, send a hit at your momma
I be in the field like a muhfuckin’ farmer
Caught him at the lake, gave that boy trauma
Zar, tell me why these lil’ niggas dissin’
Remember those days we was whippin’ in the kitchen
These niggas pussy, i know that they feel it
Leave him on the concrete with his brain spillin’
How you a trapper ? you over here snitching
How you a dawg, but you always here bitching
Tired of the cap, all i here is the fiction
TTB Mulaa, i’m really from the trenches
{bridge : TTB Mulaa & lbl zar}

I’m off this, haha
Zar, go ‘head bro
Say less, let me take it from here

{verse 2 : lbl zar}

I ain’t put my trust in girls ‘cause i knew they fake
Since a youngin
I was destined to become great
You talk out your neck, and wonder why we shot you in your face
I thank lord every night, i give him my grace
They see me on top, that’s why they always hate
‘bout to hit you with a top, put you in a grave
You can’t find your way like we in a maze
Wanna beef with me, i’ll fight you any day
Where i come from i usually hear them k’s
I’m sorry, you gon’ die if you make one mistake
If you not being loyal, i’m quick to let it spray
This ain’t no games nor jokes, i ain’t come here to play
Oh i’m back, y’all thought i was done
Most of my dawgs is strapped with a gun
See a opp, these triggers we bust
My shots ain’t missing, no way you duckin’
Tell that girl i said good luck
These girls mess with me, they gon’ mess with my son
How you gon’ tell me you wanna fight but go start and run
We ain’t scared to point, it ain’t fun [yeah
{outro : lbl zar}
Swear y’all be scared to point, we ain’t fun no more
Yeah, yea
How you gon’ tell me you wanna fight but go start and run
Why y’all be scared to point, it ain’t fun
Most of my dawgs strapped with a gun
See an opp, these triggers we bust

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